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Daily Cleaning - Dog Walking - Maintenance - Events

We are always in need of help with daily shelter cleaning. If you are interested in volunteer we can always use some extra helping hands with cleaning dishes, kennels, laundry, dog walking, and socializing animals.  

If you are handy and would like to donate some time and effort, we are always looking for talented, hard-working individuals to complete any of the following: mowing, kennel maintenance, and every day maintenance. 

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Sleeping Cat

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Medical Care Cases - Bottle Babies - Kitten Litters

Fostering a shelter animal is an amazing way to support the shelter and change the lives of our furry friends. Whether you are interested in nursing a litter of orphan kittens back to health, socializing a shy pup, or providing medical care for an animal in need, fostering for the OAHS shelter helps save lives. We have plenty of foster opportunities all year long and you can even specify which animals you are willing to welcome into your home. Even 'foster failures' are a success in our eyes! Email us your application today to get started. 

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