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surrendering your pet

We realize that it is sometimes necessary for owners to surrender their pets and the decision to do so is often difficult. Before making the decision, please consider all of your options. Before scheduling an appointment to surrender your pet, please consider the following:        

Consult with your veterinarian to help rule out any medical conditions that may be affecting your pet.

Consult with a trainer for help with behavioral issues.        

Talk with trusted friends and family to see if they would be able to care for your pet.

If you find it necessary to surrender your pet, please call OAHS to set up an appointment. OAHS is an open admissions shelter, meaning we will never turn away a surrendered animal due to lack of space or adoptability issues. At the time of the surrender, please bring the following:        

Records for your pet (medical records, bill of sale, etc.)         Special food, supplies, or toys that you would like to remain         with your pet.

OAHS does require a surrender fee for owners surrendering their pets. This fee helps to defray the cost of care for your animal while in our care.

Surrendering a pet to our shelter

surrender fees

Lost and Found Pets

Concerned citizens that find stray animals are encouraged to contact OAHS as soon as possible. Contacting us right away ensures the best chance of reuniting the pet with the owner and/or getting the animal to a safe place to be cared for properly. If staff does not answer the phone, we encourage people to leave a message and OAHS will contact you.  Immediately contacting local law enforcement is highly recommended. OAHS can assist with giving contact information of the animal control officer for the municipality the animal was found in, directly contact an owner who had reported the pet missing, or possibly take the animal in and care for it (providing the animal was found in a municipality within Oconto County that uses the shelter's services).

Pictured below are some of the pets that have been found and are waiting for owners to claim them.  If you are missing your pet, please call the shelter as soon as possible as it may be housed at OAHS and just not pictured yet. The shelter can also inform you of resources that may be available in your area to help locate your pet.

lost and found pets

lost or found pets

contact the shelter at 920-835-1738

for missing or found animals.

Lost Animal Form

Fill out the form below if you have lost your animal and the form will be submitted to our email.

You can also contact the shelter at

920-835-1738 for more information.

found Animal Form

Fill out the form below and it will be submitted to our email. You can also contact the shelter about bringing the animal to the shelter, providing it

was found within Oconto County.

CharlieSmall 1.jpg

micro chipping your pet

Microchips allow shelters, vet clinics, and animal control officers to get lost pets home safely and quickly.  All adoptable cats and dogs are micro-chippped at OAHS.  The shelter recommends this permanent form of ID and is able to microchip your pet for you for a low fee of $25.  Simply call the shelter for more details or to set up an appointment.         

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