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Exclusive Services

Here at Oconto Area Humane Society we provide a varity of services to the public. Check out our services below. Feel free to reach out to see if we can assist you in a matter or direct you to the proper resources regarding your animal. 

available services



We realize that it is sometimes necessary for owners to surrender their pets and the decision to do so is often difficult. If you find it necessary to surrender your pet, please call OAHS to set up an appointment. At the time of the surrender, please bring the following: medical records and special diets.

Dog Fee: $25   

Cat Fee: $20

Small Animal Fee:$10 with cage

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Lost and Found Pets

Immediately contacting local law enforcement and your local animal shelter is highly recommended. OAHS can assist with giving contact information of the animal control officer for the municipality the animal was found in or possibly take the animal in and care for it. (providing the animal was found within Oconto County). 

We highly suggest listing your lost or found animal on the following sites below. 

LostDogs of Wisconsin 

Dog Walk

adoption expenses

Adoptions fee include all vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery. Adopters will be provided with medical, behavioral, and background history upon adoption.  

Click HERE to see what is all provided with adoption and what fees to expect upon adoption.

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OAHS provides public microchipping for your animal for a fee of $25. Contact us if you are interested in setting up a time to microchip your pet.


Microchips allow shelters, vet clinics, and animal control officers to get lost pets home safely and quickly.  All adoptable cats and dogs are micro-chipped at OAHS. Simply call the shelter for more details or to set up an appointment. 


barn buddies

Oconto Area Humane Society has fully vetted barn cats available for a low adoption fee. Whether you are looking for pest control or barn buddies, OAHS has a range of working cats fit for an outdoor lifestyle. Contact the shelter for more information and information of barn cat acclimation.

Our working cats are available for a 'name your price' adoption fee.

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frequently asked questions

Are you interested in what kind of animals we take in, if we provide vet care to the public, or what to do with a stray animal on your property? Take a look at our FAQ for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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