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Meet the Team


Whether they are working the front lines or behind the scenes, here are some of the faces that help keep OAHS running smoothly.  Feel free to check back often as we will be continuing to add new profiles to the site over the next several months. Anyone interested in joining this amazing team and serving on the Board of Directors is encouraged to fill out the BOD application and send it to the shelter.


I am originally from the Oconto Area and I began working at OAHS back in 2011 while I was attending college. I always knew that I would have a career working with animals and I am blessed to work at such a wonderful shelter. My wife and I are pet parents to four dogs, five cats, and a flock of chickens. As Director I oversee the day-day operations at the shelter, develop new ways to move the shelter forward, and represent the shelter out in the public. When I am not working at the shelter I enjoy reading, hiking with my dogs, and anything involving nature.

lexi woodworth shelter director


For my 3rd birthday, my grandfather gave me a puppy.  Since then I have been a huge animal lover and always wanted to help in caring for their well-being.  Being on the Board of Directors helps me do just that.  My day job is in management in Corporate America, but my super hero job is helping the shelter - especially when it comes to fostering those in need for their forever homes.  At the end of 2019 - I had fostered my 87th animal (and only had a few “foster fails” along the way) and will hopefully send my 100th animal off by the end of 2020!  Being new to the Oconto area, the employees and volunteers at OAHS have really made this place feel like home in the past few years!

Angie Porter   president of the board of directors


Tracey Johnson Vice president of the board of directors

I believe I was born into a lifelong organization called Animal Lovers.  I grew up with a dog, cat, rabbit and fish.  As I matured and got exposed to horses, I found another passion.  As life progressed and obstacles came up, I can honestly say that the animals in my life have been a crucial part of my being able to face these challenges.  I currently live on a hobby farm with my human family as well as my animal family.  My animal family has representation from the horse, dog, cat, goat, rabbit, chicken and duck variety.  Being on the board allows me to take an extra step further and help give back to the community and to the animals themselves. 


Kristin Laufenberg Treasurer of the board of directors

I moved to Oconto in 2015 and have been working at the local library ever since.  I have moved a lot and lived all over the world, and one of the best parts of settling in Oconto has been the chance to foster and adopt animals and join organizations like OAHS.  My animal family includes Copper, rescued out of a tree at Copper Culture State Park; Coco, who started off as a foster and decided to stick around; and a few honeybee hives.  When I'm not working I enjoy reading, gardening, hiking, and traveling.

FB_IMG_1530847064705 (1).jpg

Andrea Dohr SEcretary of the board of directors

What happens when you adopt the best dog in the world from a shelter? Well, you become a board member to give back for a true gift of a dogs love.  A little about myself, I have lived in NE Wisconsin my whole life, I love to travel, recycle stuff, and educate people on green practices, whether they want to know or not. I enjoy riding my new electric bike, camping, fishing and long walks on the beach. I have been fortunate enough to have dogs and cats with me most of my life, and a horse thrown in for good measure. Who else loves the smell of a just brushed horse? I’m looking forward the challenges that come with my new position, being on this board has been very rewarding.

chris pic.jpg

chris marquardt  Member of the board 

I have always had respect for those who live their lives to help those who are in need.  Our pets are no different.  They are a direct extension of our families.  My family has always had pets of some sort.  From dogs to hamsters to birds to rabbits, we have opened our home to many different varieties of animals.  I have a passion to help those that are in need of it.  Even though I can look intimidating, I have a soft spot for the poor rabbit that was released to the puppy that had parvo and we refused to give up on.  Until recently, I wasn’t able to foster animals due to living situations.  Now that we are able to, I can honestly say that it gives you a sense of pride when you see that animal’s personality grow and the happy reactions the pet has when they are in their furever home and happy.  Being on the board gives me a better chance to help pets more than what I could on a personal level.  Please adopt, don’t shop.

Bruce Gillis Board President

I was born and raised in Oconto Falls and am now living in Little Suamico. My wife Dorothy and I have been pet owners our entire lives, and currently have a Red Healer mix named Samantha (Sam).  I view my role as Board President is to serve as a liaison to the community to increase support and awareness to the Shelter, as well as assisting in the resolution of concerns. 

Bruce gillis member of the board

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.54.43

Patti Van Patten  Member of the board

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a Veterinarian.  While I tried it during my first year of College, I quickly realized that I love animals, just not operating on them.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have animals around me. Currently I am a pet parent to three dogs and two cats.  I know I drive my husband bananas because I constantly want to have more.  Since I couldn’t be a Vet, I went into the family business of accounting, and currently own my own business working exclusively for non-profits.  I enjoy working with an organization that’s sole purpose is to give back.


midnight retired shelter cat  

After entering the shelter in 2017, Midnight became OAHS's permanent office cat. She spends her days sunbathing and getting into all sorts of mischief. Midnight is happy to roam the shelter and she greets the staff every morning for a full day of work. 


Gizmo  retired shelter cat  

Gizmo spent several months searching for a forever home and in that time, the staff and volunteers absolutely fell in love with him. Gizmo became OAHS's second permanent office cat and the rest is history. He always sleeps on the job and lunch break is all day long.  He is best known for blocking the computer during busy working hours and breaking into the food bin.  

board of director members

Bruce Gillis

Patti Van-Patten

Chris Marquardt

Bergen Gornowich

Kandi Standridge

President Angie Porter

Vice President Tracey Johnson

Treasurer Kristin Laufenberg

Secretary Andrea Dohr

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