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Frequently asked questions

Where do your animals come from?

Our animals come from Oconto County and the surrounding areas as

a stray, surrender, or a transfer from another shelter or rescue group.

What are your adoption fees?

Dog Adoption Fee: $250

Cat Adoption Fee: $60

Small Animal Fee: $10+


Senior Pets: 50% off adoption fee

Pets for Vets: 50% off adoption fee for all military veterans


What about microchipping my pet?

All adoptable dogs and cats are now microchipped and it is included in their adoption fee.

OAHS is able to microchip your pet for a low fee of $25.  

Is OAHS a no-kill shelter?

OAHS is an open admissions shelter. This means that we do not turn animals away for lack of space. We do not euthanize animals for space. As long as they are happy and not suffering, and do not have a severe behavior problem, we will not euthanize an animal. This decision is never taken lightly, and staff will explore all other options before having to make this decision. 


Animals do not have a time limit at OAHS and are with us until they find their forever homes. We have had dogs and cats with us for over six months before finding their forever home!

What kind of animals do you take in?

OAHS takes in Dogs, Cats, and Pocket Pets (rodents, reptiles, amphibeans, etc.)


Do you charge to surrender animals?

We realize that sometimes it is necessary to find a new home for your pet, and that the decision to do so can be difficult.  Be assured that we will do everything possible to find that pet a new home.  

     Dogs: $25

     Cats: $20

     Small Animals: $10 and cage

If you need to surrender your pet please contact OAHS and speak with a staff member. (920) 835-1738


Lost and Found Pets 


If you are unable to locate the owner, call the animal control officer or animal shelter in the area where you found the animal and speak with staff about what your options are.


If you find a missing animal, contact your local animal control/police department and local animal shelter right away. They may know where the animal belongs. If you are able to handle the animal, check to see if it has identification on with a number to contact the owner. It is highly recommended to bring the animal to a vet clinic or animal shelter and have it scanned for a microchip too.


Immediately call your local Humane Society/Animal Shelter and local law enforcement letting them know your pet is missing. They should be able to give you further numbers to contact if they do not know where your animal is.


Social Media and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin - OAHS highly recommends you post on social media that your dog is missing so others can share the post, and more people can be on the lookout for you pet. If you lost a dog, we recommend visiting or where they will help you create and circulate a lost dog or other animal flyer.

Hang flyers up wherever you can to spread the word that they are missing. 

Leave a favorite blanket/article of clothing and some food out for your animal to smell. Hopefully they will encourage them to stick around home if they didn't travel too far.


What is involved with claiming my pet from the shelter?

If your pet is at OAHS please call (920)-835-1738 as soon as possible. If staff is unable to answer please leave a message with a phone number. Please have any current vaccinations and pet licenses available when contacting OAHS.


What does OAHS do with found animals?

When a lost animal comes into OAHS, we advertise on our social media that the pet was found and is currently at the shelter. We hold the animal for the legal hold time of 5 days, giving the owner the opportunity to come forward to get their beloved pet. 

When a stray/lost animal enters the shelter, it is immediately checked over by shelter staff and administered core vaccinations and flea/tick preventative if needed. If the animal has any medical concerns those are addressed as soon as possible with a local veterinarian. The animal is then fed, given water, and a comfy bed to sleep on while they wait for their owner to pick them up.

If a found animal is not claimed after the 5 days, OAHS has the animal altered (spayed/neutered), microchipped, and the animal is placed up for adoption.

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